How do I Start?



Simply drop by our school or call for an appointment. All students, unless already experienced in Taekwondo, begin with a 2 weeks beginner lessons which teaches students basic techniques, manner and terminology.

  • We have a family classes with a great discount rate.
  • We keep uniforms in stock for immediate use by students.
  • If you or your youngster is unclear or uncertain about Tae Kwon Do, feel free to observe a class.
Call (281) 320-2030

We personally invite you here, to try our 2 weeks beginner class for you & your family “5 yrs and up”. These lessons are for you to meet the instructor & show you the benefits of learning Taekwondo. With these lessons you can find out the quality of our instruction with no obligation! The trial program gives you the chance to visit the school, you will learn at your own pace while becoming familiar with the skills you will eventually be performing in classes.

Who can join?

Membership to Unified Tae Kwon Do is open to all individuals who want to be a part of the life-changing Tae Kwon Do experience. Our students range from 5 year-old children to adult students well in their 80?s

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