Jae Hyu Jo

Grand Master Instructor
Jae Hyu Jo


Mr. J. H. Jo has 30 plus years of teaching experience in various countries such as Korea, Vietnman , Spain and the United States. He is a 9th degree black belt and has taught children and adults, civilians and military personnel, students practicing for fun and students practicing for competition. When he was young, he trained with both Mr. Kee Bu Park and Mr. Bu Kwang Park.

During his service in the military, Mr. Jo was a member of Tae Kwon Do demonstration team that performed demonstrations through out South East Asia . His speciality included arial power breaks with feet and power breaks with his hands.

Mr. Jo is passionate about teaching students. While he has trained students in national and international competition levels, his greatest enjoyment comes from sharing Tae Kwon Do with students who are fascinated by it and wish to achieve their utmost potential.

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