Self Defense


People have always associated the martial arts with self-defense. But how effective is Tae Kwon Do against a would be attacker on the streets today?

The key to self-defense is knowing exactly how to appropriately react in a given situation. It also means having the skill and the ability to apply what you know, when such occasion arises. Skill and ability are improved only with practice, and this is the target of the instructor in the belt system. The instructor’s goal is to sharpen the technique of the student so that their movements will be fact, powerful, and accurate. This will build the student’s confidence and ability to defend himself as well as to help get him/her in tip-top shape.

Free sparring gives the students practice in using their techniques against a moving “opponent.” All of this is done in a supervised environment, which gives the student confidence in his/her abilities. Self-assuredness is one of the most important elements of self-defense.

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